San Andreas Not My Fault Tshirt

by on June 27, 2010

Wordplay alert. If you’re in California, you really should take ownership of San Andreas as your fault. Otherwise, you’ll live in constant fear of the next earthquake. If you choose to live in the Golden State, you need to accept ‘quakes as part of the deal. You get the ocean, amazing farmer’s markets, glitz and glamor of Hollywood, chickenshit tickets for driving a car, pollution, Governator, majestic redwoods, wild fires, wine country, medical marijuana, illegal immigrants, and quakes. It’s all mixed in and you have to accept it all as part of the Cali package or you’ll forever be in a state of unease.

Guess what, I’m not even going to charge you for this powerful psychiatric session, but if you enjoyed this three minutes with your friendly, random, Internet shrink, I urge you to support the businesses that help pay the bills around here. In other words, get San Andreas Not My Fault Tshirt for the wordplay. Not the meaning, but I just blasted the displacement of blame to smithereens and as a bullshit tactic, but the wordplay is worth your cold hard cash.

Here’s the fault at a quick glance.

Bet you didn’t know David Lynch has three passions: making the weirdest movies on the planet, Transcendental meditation, and the San Andreas fault.

Little known fact, Busted Tees owns 1/3 of the California coastline. No joke.

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