Sad Rhino T Shirt

by on November 28, 2010

This poor rhinoceros was just playing with a  beach ball out on the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania when the inevitable happened. He popped the ball with his big scary tusk. Bummer. He had scene the seals off the coast in the Indian Ocean on that family migratory vacation a couple of summers back, and he’d always wanted to try it himself. When the ball fell out of the sky, like the bottle in The Gods Must Be Crazy, he thought it was a sign that ball tricks were to be his life’s work.

This rhino will be even sadder if the plans to build a highway through the Serengeti go through. His whole habitat will be destroyed.  Help stop the Serengeti Highway. Plus, now you’re talking about even more animals being able to travel farther and faster, and maybe seeing things they aren’t supposed to see, and bringing that vision back to home base and being severely disappointed in not being able to make them happen like they saw in the distant land. Sometimes not knowing what you’re missing is the best scenario, because then you don’t long for the unattainable.

Remember this heart breaking story by purchasing the Sad Rhino T Shirt. It’s good to run the gamut of emotion with your shirt collection, and this covers morose or sad or despondent very well.

You can tell Busted Tees really put the research department to the task when getting all of the information that a design of this caliber requires.

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