Report Suspicious Packages T-shirt

by on January 9, 2010

Well, you never can tell who’s capable of carrying out dastardly deeds these days. Granny’s packin’ underwear fireworks equals very conceivable. Nuns with knives…surprised we haven’t heard about this more. Jihadists with toy guns…let’s not racially profile the poor folks, just because some of their Muslim brethren are fuckin’ crazy. Let ’em through. It’s just a little fun.

Anyway, it’s good to see a businessman that is thinking about more than just bustin’ a nut on a flight attendant at the hotel where his BS conference is being held. Good for him lookin’ out for the common good and giving that old lady a once over. I mean she look a little sketchy with that kung fu stance and Lee Marvin face.

So, just as a reminder to you and those that see you in your short sleeves, purchase this Report Suspicious Packages Tshirt and wear it with great frequency.

Safety first says the poster on the bathroom wall at the plush offices of Headline Shirts.

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