Redrum Cereal Bowl: The Shining Movie T-shirt

by on July 6, 2010

This is a very dangerous game to play at breakfast. Do not spell spooky shit from classic horror movies with your Cheerios. You’ll begin to feel like breakfast is work, then work is work, and your nightly chores are work, and there’s no play.

Then, you’ll get an axe and chase after your wife in a snowed over hedgerow maze. It’s a sad but often told story and it starts with gateway breakfast shenanigans. Don’t let yourself fall into this innocent looking trap. You could destroy your family and your friendships.

If you must dabble in these concepts, simply purchase the Redrum Cereal Bowl Tshirt and leave it at that. Here’s some spooky shit to ponder if you really want to take the plunge with the whacky cereal spelling.

Headline Shirts are well known for their dangerous qualities.

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