Reallife Tshirt

by on May 17, 2010

Forget the Facebook for just a minute. Get off your chair. Stand up. Talk to somebody in your office, or in your house. Say “hi” to the barista at the coffee shop. Go outside. OK, I took that a little too far. I’ll take a couple of steps back.

But, really, Farmville, Mafia whatever, status updates…If you wear this shirt out on the town, you’re going to get nods. You will get attention. You will be super cool, ‘cuz you know what time it is and that time is Real Time. No fake, digital cyber time.

You want to keep it real up in here, then you better go ahead and think about pulling out your wallet, reaching for your favorite plastic and buying Reallife Tshirt right now. Don’t wait, because being cool ain’t patient.

Get real clothing for your real body at the real Headline Shirts.

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