Quit Your Job With Style Team Slater: Steven Slater Tshirt

by on August 11, 2010

Hey you heard the story. You cheered the man who busted the customer is always right myth, plus went totally styley after getting clocked in the face by obnoxious, passenger bitch woman. He made his farewell speech over the intercom, grabbed two beers, checked outside to see if anyone was under the emergency slide exit (the story his lawyer is floating), and slid to freedom double fisting and fabulous.

You know you want to join Team Slater for all the shit you’ve had to take on the job and out in the world. That’s why it is mostly imperative that you get the Quit Your Job with Style Team Slater Tee. It’s a hot story, it resonates with people, and god is it entertaining. How much would you pay to have been on that plane. The bag drama. The physical altercation. The blood. The scathing announcement and the ultimate exit. Beautiful.

I just heard that Southwest is offering Slater big bucks to joint their airline. They love his skills on the open mic.

If you look really deep into your heart, you will realize you do not have enough funny t shirts in your life, in your closet, and on your body. Fix that!

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