Chip & Chet Hobnail Boot Tester T Shirt from Pud Tees

by on March 24, 2012

Hey look at those boys having a good ol’ time. Makes me think back to my happy and fancy free days of yore. Ah youth. Chip and Chet are having a great time with a pair of hobnail boots for Chip and Chet’s face. It’s fun!

All boys should have companionship like this. Helps ’em grow up strong and feeling like they have a support network. It may look a little brutal with the black eye and broken teeth, but really it’s character building and these guys will be chumming it up, joking and farting before night falls. That’s the way healthy boys roll.

Celebrate the boys life with this Chip & Chet Hobnail Boot Tester T Shirt.

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