Predator Get to Da Choppa T Shirt

by on May 29, 2011

Great time to feature this Get To Da Choppa T Shirt, what with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dirty laundry being aired recently. A love child with a mistress. And, Maria Shriver, she of the inhuman cheek bones, filing for divorce. Dude’s gotta re-invent himself. But, I have to say, I kind of believe he’s going to be able to do it.

I mean he made a goal of becoming Mr. Universe and he did it. He decided to become an actor and became a movie star, then he turned his considerable engeries to becoming governor of California, and he made it happen.

He’ll turn it around. I believe in Arnold. I mean he helped that women safely get to the choppa. Can’t hold a man like that down.
Five Finger Tees believes in Anald.

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