Plumtree Mass Teen Fainting Scott Pilgrim T-Shirt

by on August 11, 2010

Yeah, right there is Michael Cera and he’s wearing this ringer tee, and guess what, you can wear it too. You won’t look as good as Cera in it, but nobody can. It’s no big thing. No shame. Just go ahead and get it. You’ll still be pretty cool

Here’s how 80s Tees says it and it makes a lot of sense:

“This Plumtree shirt features the logo for the Canadian all-girl indie pop band. Their hit single Scott Pilgrim inspired the graphic novel series and feature length film of the same name. Mass Teen Fainting, the name of the album, is printed across the back.  This shirt is worn by Scott Pilgrim in the 2010 movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.”

Plumtree Mass Teen Fainting Scott Pilgrim Tshirt isn’t for everyone, but, if you not what it’s all about, you probably already hit the buy now button, ‘cuz this is a bad ass shirt.

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