Pirate Seal T Shirt

by on March 28, 2012

Seems to me like there’s some extra stuff added to the typical pirate flag, but maybe that’s why this is the Pirate Seal T Shirt, rather than the pirate flag. The Jolly Roger is just the flag thing that you have to keep simple so that boats recognize as they’re passing by. The seal is the kind of thing that gets woven into tapestry and hung up on the seamen’s quarters, and perhaps in their homes if they have them. I mean you have to be blown away by the details: skull and crossbones, cutlass, smoking gun, and an eye patch, and, of course, the eagle.

I can see some of the more successful pirate operations employee captain and other upper management that invest in little places by the sea and stay in them for weeks at a time in the off season. So, you can either become a very successful pirate and have a tapestry woven in this design (years of pirate apprenticeship, and danger). Or you can grab this tee from Headline Shirts and wear the design whenever and wherever you want (except at sea…if you where it at sea and a pirate sees it they’ll know you’re a poser and the shame will be great for like 25 minutes).

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