Photo Finish – Chicken or the Egg Tshirt

by on December 20, 2008

photo-finish-whats-first-chicken-eggIt’s still inconclusive, which came first. You’d think with all this modern electronic equipment we could finally get to the bottom of this age old puzzler. But no…still can’t really tell, though the chicken does look a little further along, but that may because the chicken has that goofy head bob run and if the pic had been snapped a nanosecond early we may have seen the egg touching the line and the fowl on the back swing.

Who knows? I’m gonna try to stop thinking about it and let the good Lord above know the unknowable. I’ll write a note in the special notebook I have to ask once I walk through the pearly gates. They say you can’t take it with you, but this notebook is an exception. It’s specially made to stick with you as you make your way to the afterlife. Now, that’s useful technology.

You should probably get the Photo Finish – Chicken or the Egg tshirt right now.

Threadless always beats chickens and eggs by several lengths.

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