Peter Cotton Ale Now With More Hops T Shirt

by on May 2, 2011

Massive wordplay going on here. Basically, it’s a double wordplay. And it’s cute. What’s not to like about cute wordplay. And what could be better. Maybe ugly foreplay, but that’s about it. Anyways…you know Beatrix Potter was a huge boozer. Yeah, she always talked about drinking tea, but that was for the kids. She probably had a stack of manuscripts for adults with Peter the Rabbit in far different scenarios, including starting his own brew pub and serving frogs and hedgehogs, and serving out of the most precious little mugs, and smoking hashish…but, unfortunately Ms. Potter passed away before she could consent to having those works printed. Masterful I’m sure…just like her work for the youth.

And, this Peter Cotton Ale Now With More Hops T Shirt falls right in line with the quality work that inspired it.

Anyway, Snorg Tees gives a tip of the cap to Beatrix and beer with this magnificent offering.

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