Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly That’s My Jam T Shirt

by on November 8, 2010

Another completely silly offering from Snorg Tees today. This one is pretty cute. I’m not personally into wearing overly cute t shirts, but this one is close to being something I’d wear as I was dressing to impressing. It has some good qualities:

First of all calling a song a jam is cool, and, of course, that’s wordplay because there’s a jelly in the room. Second, those stick limbs on those chunky jar bodies are pretty funny looking. Third, two words: boom box, especially since it has the word cassette in the tape slot and there are notes flowing out of it. Fourth, these two really love each other. They go well together, of course—peanut butter and jelly. They’re lovin’ life with a favorite song pumping out of the box. That is inspiring. Fifth, sweet alternation of two colors…the reddish brown and the purple. Grape jelly is purple let’s make peanut butter’s speech bubble purple also. Conversely, peanut butter is brown, let’s make grape jelly’s ghetto blaster brown as well. Economy of color is commendable in this day and age of economic downturn, and environmental awareness.

Wanna be inspired on a constant basis? Have this That’s My Jam t shirt in your dresser ready for you to put on whenever you need a pick me up.

Peanut butter and jelly. Snorg Tees has been offering up the staples in the online funny t shirt realm since 1967. That’s a good run.

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