Paper Street Fight Club T Shirt

by on November 11, 2010

I remember it being the Paper Street Soap Company. I don’t remember it being the Paper Street Fight Club. I thought there was a separation between work and hobby (beating men to a bloody pulp). But, I could be remembering wrong. It’s been a while since I read the book and watched the film. Maybe I’ll need to check it out again soon.

Whatever the case, this Paper Street Fight Club T Shirt is pretty sweet. I like the design and I like the reference to one of my favorite movies based on a novel by one of my favorite authors, Chuck Palaniuk.

Check out this video that pieced together all the philosophy Tyler Durden drops in this movie:

Again, let’s go through this again. The first rule of fight club…all together now. You do not talk about fight club. The second rule of fight club…you must where Snorg Tees into the dirty basement where we fight. And, don’t expect that t-shirt to be in one piece when you leave.

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