Panda Abduction T Shirt

by on April 17, 2011

This is a super random shirt. You have your cute panda just hanging out eating bamboo, looking sweet and cuddly (of course, he’s a bear and would probably chase you down and rip your face off if you got within 14 feet of it). And, then all of a sudden that black and white fuzzy cuteness attracts aliens, and they zip down in their flying saucer (or to be more interplanetarily correct…space craft), and beam up Hua Sheng or Sheng Hua, or Tai Shan, I forgot this particular animal’s name. This whole abduction was in the news, but then quickly covered up.

But, you can remember it forever with this Panda Abduction T Shirt.

Hey, Polly & Crackers encourages participating in naming pandas.

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