This is a nice little Monopoly and Star Trek mashup tee, which is something you don’t see every day or even every other day. Every third day probably yes, but the execution on this Seek Out New Civilizations and New Life as You Boldly Go T Shirt makes it stand apart from the 10 Star Trek-Monopoly mashup shirts that get pumped out every month.

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Once Scotty retired from the crew of the Starship Enterprise, he couldn’t just go and rot at home in the easy chair. His wife would be miserable with him around all the time, and he would have become restless and maybe even depressed feeling useless. That’s why he started up his repair shop. Every repair over $5000 comes with a free Scotty’s Repair Shop T Shirt, which is a pretty sweet deal.

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Okay, here’s a list of the best funny t-shirt deals going on during the silly season of gift getting and mass holiday consumerism. Enjoy!

Busted Tees

Black Friday Sale

Friday 11/25 through Sunday 11/27

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This tee has two wonderful things going for it. Awesome design. It looks flat out stunning: the colors, the Chinese imagery, the chopsticks, the noodles, the light coming out of the takeaway box, and, of course, the glow. Secondly, it’s a funny wordplay with the whole Dr. Hu – Doctor Who thing. Now, my question is does that Chinese lettering actually say anything and if it does, is it safe for work in China? Hopefully, it doesn’t say something about someone’s mother.

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Terrance and Phillip are cartoon stars from Canada, who’s main claim to fame is farting at each other. The kids in South Park love this show. This design from Chuffy has Terrance and Phillip farting through portals. I guess you could say this is almost a mashup of Terrance and Phillip and sci fi type entertainment that liberally uses portals as a travel device. What this means to you is that you’re looking enough to have just found the perfect shirt: Terrance and Phillip Fart Portals T Shirt.

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Let’s give thanks for David Hasselhoff! He’s a god in Germany and around the world, and a campy cult figure in the US thanks to his work on Knight Rider, Baywatch, as a singer, and family videos where he’s drunk off his ass and eating a sloppy burger. I ask you this: what other man deserves his own t-shirt more than David Hasselhoff. I think you’ll have a hard time coming up with a good answer, which is exactly why you will probably own this Don’t Hassel the Hoff T Shirt in the next week or so.

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It’s always nice to wear a shirt that stands for power, courage, and wisdom, especially when the Triforce is used for good. If your a Zelda fan and love the simplicity of this Triforce T shirt, then I suggest you don’t delay in getting your wallet out and making a very important decision: buy the tee.

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This got all jumbled up. Must be a missprint. Probably be worth $1000s in the future when you take it to the Antique Road show. Hurry up and buy this Don’t Tess With Mexas T Shirt before they figure out something is wrong, and pull it. This is that window of opportunity. Crawl through it. Be the master of your destiny. Take the bull by the horns. Buy 1000 of these misspelled t-shirts and just wait for the massive appreciation.

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This is another shirt born from a runaway Jake & Amir hit on College Humor. If you love this cantankerous pair, then you probably need to own the Ace and Jocelyn Astronaut Accountants from Outer Space T Shirt.

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Wisdom Tooth T Shirt

by on November 22, 2011

This is flat goofy. A tooth with a gray beard, gray bushy eyebrows, pipe, and stylish glasses. Plus, arms and a toothpick for a cane, which is definitely my favorite detail. You would have to be a real dork in a super endearing way to get away with wearing this Wisdom Tooth T Shirt. But, according to my website traffic analysis, 86% of my visitors are exactly that–endearing dorks–so that is why I pass along this latest tee from Headline Shirts.

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I’m really not sure what this shirt means. Of course, you have the five boroughs of New York City. And maybe each borough has a signature cocktail. Okay, maybe I figured it out. Done. And that, my dear, is why you should purchase the Five Boroughs Cocktails T Shirt.

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Many say one of the freakiest, awesomest episodes of Doctor Who ever: Blink, the 10th episode of the third series of the new production. What’s your opinion? If you liked the episode I’m guessing this Don’t Blink T Shirt is a no brainer for you. I mean it’s awesome. And brings out the creepiness in a cool way.

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