OK But Wash It First T Shirt

by on October 14, 2010

I’m pretty sure this shirt is referring to cunnilingus. Let me tell you why. You have to assume most of these offerings from T Shirt Hell are funny t shirts for men. Right? If you take that into consideration, you can put yourself into the shoes of a man that has made the poor decision to wear a terrible, offensive shirt from Tee Hell. In this case, that man is walking around with OK But Wash It First T Shirt prominently displayed on his chest. The girl that sees the shirt has to think that it means he’s preemptively answering the statement, I will only go to bed with you, if you go down on me. It’s the only way I get off. At which point the dude can just point at the shirt.

Pretty slick. Removes some of the awkwardness from the exchange and saves time, which gives you more minutes for the sweet sexy time.

Bet you don’t have a better explanation for what this shirt means, but if you think you do, please leave it in the comments.

Actually, this is just as offensive as any other Tee Shirt Hell sku#, and I cannot condone it.

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