Ohio State Football Jim Tressel 106-22 Never Forgotten T Shirt

by on June 1, 2011

I find this shirt funny because of the gravity of the language and the devotion to the fallen hero who lead his Ohio State Buckeyes to great success on the grid iron, including a national championship in 2002, but he cheated while doing it. So, I know Donkey Tees is located in Ohio and has much respect for a man that coached OSU to a 106-22 record, but the school reputation has been sullied, so I have no sympathy.

Of course, the NCAA is totally crooked and the BCS is bullshit, and you basically have to pay for play if you want any kind of chance to really compete, so I guess I can’t give Tressel that much grief. It’s a system that has gone severely sideways, just like every other institution in America.

On that happy note, you should be persuaded to get your own Jim Tressel 106-22-0 Never Forgotten T Shirt even if it is overly dramatic and adds the ties in there even though there was none.

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