Nun Smoking Bad Habits T Shirt

by on February 15, 2011

Love this shirt, especially on Valentine’s Day. She’s out there on the veranda thinking to herself, what the fuck did I get into, Jesus is all I need. Forget that I need a man, and scissoring once a month when the Mother Superior is away ain’t cuttin’ it. Thank God for these damn butts or I don’t think I could uphold the the Mother Mary tradition up in here.

That nun on this Bad Habits T Shirt is hot. Just past her prime but hot, like Mrs. Robinson or should I say Sister Robinson. I would say the habit is not that bad. It’s a style that has its charm though wearing it everyday for a lifetime of celibacy probably gets really old, thus the intensity gathering in the corner of this one’s eyes. I dig the bling cross and the thin yarn looking smoke. Terrific shirt by Busted Tees.

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