New Nike Lebron 8 South Beach Shoe Set to Be Unveiled

by on October 18, 2010

There are people that are horders or collectors or gotta have the latest and greatest gadget, gizmo, or in this case basketball kicks. Lebron is already droppin’ his South Beach shoe as the 8th in his Nike series.

Check them out here.

Don’t forget he’s takin’ his talents to South Beach:

And, don’t forget why. Nobody on the Cavs told him that crazy Delonte West was goin’ True North with Lebron’s mama. Anyways…

You’ll be able to catch Nike Lebron 8 South Beach Shoes in stores soon. So, pull out $160 of your sneaker fund and get ready to buy the special addition turquoise and black atrocities. They’ll be available in stores later this month in different colors, including Miami Heat colors.

Oh, and just so you don’t think Lebron is a greedy bastard, remember that he’s telling 100 children IN PERSON about the shoe and how it was made and how they should nag their parents to take some of that rent money and divert it to cladding their feet with only the best.

What’s this have to do with funny tshirts? Nothing, but I’ve started doing news that I think is funny, and I think Lebron going to South Beach is still somewhat hilarious, so anything that reminds me of “The Decision” has a chance of making my news channel. Dig?

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