Neverland Ranch Annual Sleepover ’92 T Shirt

by on September 25, 2010

Hey, it’s been over a year, since Michael Jackson’s passing, so I felt it was reasonable to feature this shirt, because it is hilarious. If you’re in your mid-20s to early 30s and male, it makes the humor more beautiful than the view from the summit of a 14er in the Rocky Mountains.

You would have been in Jacko’s boy friend wheelhouse in 1992, and makes the authentic wearing of the shirt plausible. But, hey, if you’re of a different age or gender you still need to get the Neverland Ranch Anuual Sleepover ’92 T Shirt because it’s still funny, even if you’re a 92-year-old gramma. Who knows what MJ would have been into at different points in his life, or even different levels of inebriation or drugged out. Maybe when the knockout pills are 20 minutes from taking effect, he liked saggy breasts and the motherly touch of a women in her 70s.

You…never…know…which makes this shirt a rich source of speculation, discussion, and, ultimately, time spent with friends listening to Off the Wall for 15 hours straight.

Donkey Tees put it’s foot on the gas in Cincinnati and isn’t going to let up until it rules the known universe.

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