NASCAR Boring T Shirt

by on December 24, 2010

Hope you’re cozy. Enjoying the pre-Xmas joyous vibe with friends and/or family. Merry Christmas Eve!

This shirt is funny. I have never understood the appeal of NASCAR, and, unbelievably, the popularity of car racing has exploded in the last decade. In fact, back in December 2004, Backseat Blonde reported there were 74 million NASCAR fans. (EDITORS NOTE: Research skillz alert. Just don’t ask for the latest information. That would take another 2 minutes.). What? 74 million. That’s ridiculous. Of course, 73.99 million of them are just there to see a crash. They’re yawning and texting and talking to the fans next to them, until shit starts getting messy: cars spinning, flying, tires hitting walls, and fire. Now, all 74 million are engaged. And that’s why they call themselves fans.

For the other 16 normal people that are not NASCAR fans, even with the possibilty of mangled metal and dead drivers, this NASCAR Boring T Shirt is for you. Your welcome. Maybe this spoofed NASCAR logo could be the flag for our anti-NASCAR message board. Who’s with me? Come on. Think of all the waste that sport produces. One car in the Brownwall 600 burns 200,000 gallons of fuel and goes through 2,224 tires. That’s appalling. And, and it’s boring.

Busted Tees knows this.

Sidenote: where has that model been all my life. Haven’t seen her before. She’s terrific.

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