My Long Term Goal is To Get Rich Quick T Shirt

by on March 28, 2011

Wordplay up in here and I love it. Normally, you’re talking long term goals that have multiple steps like get this entry level job, work there for a few years, see if there are opportunities to move up, if not find something else that has management opps. Then, move into the C-Suite after 7-10 years in management, and make the six-figure income, get the dream house, the sports car, the maid, and the nanny. Send kids private schools. All that stuff. But, with this My Long Term Goal Is To Get Rich Quick T shirt there’s a short cut worked into the timeline. And really life is too short eating shit in middle management. Either get rich quick or die tryin’, which, if your not familiar with rap in the early 2000s is 50 Cent’s album title (paraphrased) and, lo and behold, the name of his feature film, which apparently sucked balls.

Anyway, Local Celebrity capturing the dream of millions, who think long term goals are tedious and unworkable.

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