Robert E. Lee Most Likely to Secede T shirt

by on January 3, 2009

most-likely-to-secede-tshirtYou know those high schoolers really nailed it with Robert E. Lee, when they were voting for the year book. Probably got a clue when he marched on the school grounds demanding a separate school for all the kids with acne (he was the leader of the zit club).

Actually, Lee was opposed to his home state of Virginia seceding from the union, so the shirt isn’t quite accurate. However, you’re not going to put the Governer of Virginia back in those days on a shirt today. Nobody would get it. While everyone knows Robert E. Lee led the Confederate army in the Civil War.

Of course, who wants any bigoted, racist confederate douche on a tshirt. Forget I ever mentioned it. Don’t even think about getting the Most Likely to Secede Tshirt featuring Robert E. Lee and his Class of 1825 picture.

Busted Tees is something to sees.

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