Mom Says High T Shirt

by on March 29, 2011

Mom is from the fifties and she’s smoking a joint and she has that pointy nose and high cheekbones that all white moms in the 50s had in the United States. And, she doesn’t care if you or your friends see her lighting up doobies because she’s liberated. Your Dad left her two months ago and at first it was hard, because your whole identity gets wrapped up in relationship, but when it breaks off abruptly, especially the way this one did (young cocktail waitress, trip to Mexico, lies, deceit, and an obvious charge on the credit card statement at the local adult “toys” shop. Well, it sped up Mom’s process. She immediately started to let deep feelings rule, and one of the new things she tried that has made it into consistent rotation in her life is getting high. Good for her.

How you should probably celebrate this liberation by getting this Mom Says High T Shirt.

Polly and Crackers is a connoisseur of the fine weed.

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