McCain 1908 Tshirt

by on October 30, 2008

Very subtle. Very nice. McCain looks old, acts old and is old. And he doesn’t have a chance in this election. Let’s make fun of him from now ’til November. I can foresee getting three multi-step reactions to this tshirt when you are wearing it.

One, those that don’t give a hoot about politics, because it’s all rigged and the real votes are taking place in corporate boardrooms across the country, will ask you what you had for breakfast and not even notice the shirt.

Two, conservatives will nod in agreement, knowing that you know that the environmental crisis ain’t so bad and the uproar should be about taxes and aiding and abetting terrorists. Then they’ll get close and abruptly abort the stiff secret Republican handshake.

Three, liberals will cry and hide and call a potluck meeting to discuss your tee. Then someone will point out the 1908 date and then they’ll feel a little better as they order soy in their latte.

Get this McCain 1908 tshirt and start some shirt shit.

Everything you wanted to know about Busted Tees but were afraid to ask.

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