Star Wars May the Mass Times Acceleration Be With You T Shirt

by on April 22, 2013

May the Mass x Acceleration (=Force) be with You - Snorg Tee

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You see the funny thing about this shirt is that it’s a little play on words, mixing pop cinematic culture pleasure with finite mathematics. Such a pairing, while not altogether common, is delectable in its ironic humor as long as it is executed properly. And, indeed, this Star Wars rip off is perfect pitch.

Thus, if you’re a Star Wars fan or a physics fan or even a fan of those little nutty chocolate candies, I think they were called Goobers, then you certainly should take a half-day from work and weigh the pros and cons of purchasing May the Mass Times Acceleration Be With You T-Shirt. I’m sure you’ll agree after careful consideration, that it’s well worth your hard earned dollars.

Mass Times Acceleration = Force (…get it?!) Ha Ha Ha Hadee Ha.

No, you don’t get it? Well, let me take you back to high school physics. Or maybe you’re there now. The amount of force applied to an object equals the objects Mass times the acceleration of the object due to the force applied. The equation is F=M*A. Either way, this geeky little number calls to mind Sir Isaac Newton and our favorite space saga, Star Wars. “May the force be with you”is even more popular than “live long and prosper.” However, I don’t think Obi Wan Kanobi nor Yoda were talking about a physical force from Classical, Newtonian Physics. I do believe they are referring to something that cannot be quantified or expressed as an equation. I could be wrong though!

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