Maverick Top Gun Tshirt

by on April 29, 2010

It’s about damn time the retro love of Top Gun has finally surfaced. It’s been about to pop for quite a few years and there have been dalliances with bringing the buzz full on, but it’s never quite got legs. This particular launch of new found love of the Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer classic feels real. Feels substantial and that, my friend, is nothing but a good thing.

You love the movie, your mom loves the movie, and your parole officer swoons during this movie, so it’s nothing but truth to go ahead and pick up the Maverick Top Gun Tshirt.

Wait, wasn’t Sarah Palin calling herself a maverick at some point. I’d like to put the maverick helmet on her and pelt her head with those pink rubber balls…what were they called? Pinkies? But, enough of my sexual fantasies.

But, let’s not let that Alaskan joke, get in the way of our appreciation for fine film, like Top Gun and fine music such as Highway to the Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins, and Take My Breath Away by Berlin.

Headline Shirts is the Maverick of the Internet skys.

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