Magic Unicorn Fart Tshirt

by on June 4, 2010

If you really want to feel like the world is OK, that the children will be alright, that the environment will clear itself up, and that you’ll be happy again. Take a look at this innocent little picture.

It’s a hand drawn unicorn by someone’s 7-year-old nephew, who was exposed to Beavis & Butthead way too early. He’s fighting to process that heathen absurdity, even as he expresses his youthful happiness and innocence. You may even call it naivete but I won’t, because if you dream hard enough, if you allow your imagination to run wild every day, unicorns will exist.

Such an inspiring story. The struggle and the triumph portrayed in this Magic Unicorn Fart Tshirt. It’s timeless, universal, archetypal, which is why it really should be on your chest as soon as possible.

Want a little more inspiration? Check out The Neverending Story video by Limahl. Amazing teeth!

Actually, whatever collective mass of humanity that pushed The Neverending Story to a 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, when in reality it’s one of the most rancid pieces of fecal matter ever stuck to celluloid, needs to be severally punished. Maybe lock them all in a room with the spooky cuddly fur ball dragon molester.

Anyways, Nerdy Shirts loves the peace, love, and happiness, and fart jokes and you should too. I mean it.

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