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by on February 2, 2011

Loviu is the European shirt.woot.com or www.teefury.com. One shirt is on sale each day for 12 Euros. There’s also a weekly t shirt that is priced at 18 Euros. Don’t ask me how much that is in US Dollars, probably like 10 times as much, but the site looks cool. And, just like those other daily deal sites, they also have shirt designers submit a design and the most popular work is offered for sale.

The Loviu site is engaging, and their shirts look very interesting. It’s not the same old The Office quotes.

It’s got a Euro sort of artistic flair going on, yet some of the shirts are in English. In fact, today the featured shirt is “Sounds Like Hell,” which is the DJ Grim Reaper spinning wax with the hood up and the cans on. He’s workin’ his magic on what looks like an alter or maybe it’s hell’s chimney. Either way it’s spooky and cool, and probably a good indicator of the quality of designs you’re going to see on a daily basis. If you want this one you better hurry because I checked the countdown clock and it was under 4 hours left on this shirt.

This week’s design is called magic mushroom, and you have a Mushroom David Cooperfield waving his wand and producing a stoned rabbit out of his hat. For that final touch, the mushroom has a bite out of its head, so you can get all meta on this design, like did I take the bite out of the mushroom, and now it looks like we’re in lavender wonderland where rabbits pop out of top hats trippin’ balls. Or maybe the rabbit bit the mushroom, and was able to convince the impaired bunny to do a magic trick the mushroom always wanted to do, but never had the gumption or stick-to-it-ness to put in the reps and learn the craft.

Either way, it’s a psychedelic shirt of the the first order.

And, Loviu certainly looks like a place you need to pay attention to. They do ship to the United States if that’s where you hail from, and most of my readers do. Not to say I’m not all International and stuff because I am. I’m huge in Turkey.

Here’s the shirt of the day from Loviu:
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