Lost Found T Shirt

by on November 24, 2010

This may have some implication to details in the show that I don’t know about because I never watched it. Like maybe at the end there, they figured out the entire mystery. Something about grizzly bear fart mist seeping out of a cave, knocked people out of their personal time-space continuum, and allowed them to vividly experience life on multiple dimensions. They found the cave, and gaseous animal, and everybody has found their way. They are no longer Lost, they are Found, which this is a Found T Shirt.

I like it on that level. I like it simply because it’s opposite of Lost and Lost is such a well known word in pop culture right now, that everybody gets the dissonance.

I also like Busted Tees effort even more as I write this because it reminds me of the Christian song Amazing Grace, where the singer was lost, but now he’s found. Plus, he’s a wretch. Says so right there in the lyrics. “Wretch like me.” Anyways…enough of my Christian past.

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