Lord of the Rings Elf Mashup: Human Dwarf Elf T Shirt

by on October 19, 2011

This is a nice little mashup of very dramatic epic film and a goofy Christmas flick that is pretty funny. The combination makes for a great little T Shirt.

You get it right?

Instead of Legolas, played by that terrible actor Orlando Bloom (though I suppose he was compelling enough in the LOTR films, you have that Buddy the Elf, played by that awesome actor comedian Will Ferrell. I’m totally joking. I know you know what’s going on with the shirt. Viggo Mortensen as the human dude that needs to reclaim the kingdom (I know it’s Aragorn). And that ginger, bearded short dude with the axe (Gimli, played by John Rhys-Davies, obviously). But, I just needed to fill up some content space, because really all I would have had to say was this.

If you have eyes you can see this A Human, A Dwarf, and An Elf t shirt is awesome and you should get it because it will make you laugh every time you wear it. And it will make everyone around you laugh.

This shirt was designed by Teo Zirinis and is available for purchase at Red Bubble because they love you.

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