Lafraise: Shirt Shop Interview

by on September 4, 2012

What’s the name of your shop, your name, and your role?

Our shop is called, I am Nathalie and I am the marketing manager. I am specialized into PR & Community Management.

Where did the name La Fraise come from? Big fan of strawberries?

As I am not the founder of laFraise and since it is been bought in 2006, I am unable to tell this information about the name. But I can tell you that I am a big fan of strawberries, who don’t like strawberry?

Looks like you’re based in France, but your website is translated into German and English also. Would you consider yourself a worldwide brand?

laFraise is French but is located in Germany in Berlin since 2006. Since we are on the internet and are doing e-commerce, it is important to have a website with at least English and since we are located in Germany, we couldn’t pass through the German language. We want expand more and more to the international but laFraise has still a very large community in France and our market is mostly strong in France and then in Germany.

Where are you from and where do you live now? 

I am from Meaux, a city located 50 km East of Paris and I lived in Paris for 10 years. Now I am living in Berlin for almost 7 years.

Do you have a bricks and mortar store?

Not since we are only online. We used to work with small retail shops but we had to suspend it for a while.

What was the inspiration for launching this business?

The founder came from the micro blogging and geeks environment and he wanted to offer something for this community. But I cannot tell more since I am not the founder and never met him.

What differentiates your shop from all the others on the Internet?

We have kept a French touch on our designs, we have a strong social media presence and one of the best customer’s service.

How’s business?

Good, looking forward to seeing how the next Christmas season will run.

How important is social media to your business?

It is very much important. It is part of my responsibility and social medias are a bonus to the website. You shop on the website and you get entertained and informed on social medias.

What’s the weirdest picture of someone wearing one of your tees that you have seen? And/or have you run into a stranger out in the wild wearing one of your products? And/or celebrity sightings?

I haven’t seen any weird picture yet even if I would secretly want to see one some day. I never ran into a stranger wearing a laFraise shirts even if it happened that I see someone with one of our shirts just by walking in the park. As for celebrities, no one has wore our shirts but I have some ideas about it and I am interested into 1 or 2 celebrities already but I cannot tell you much about it, still a secret.

What type of person is a prime candidate to be a customer of La Fraise?

laFraise customers are mostly t-shirt lovers and are into graphic designs and such arts like street art, photography, designs and drawings. But first I would say that our customers are shirts lovers and collectors.

Where do you get your shirt designs? Are they all user submitted and voted on? Winners get printed? What’s the type of aesthetic you’re shooting for or are you open to any designs (let the users decide if it should be printed)?

We get all designs though the graphic design contest we run. They are submitted by the designers themselves, we moderate the gallery by accepting or refusing the designs and then the community gives its votes. We are mostly opened to every design and it is difficult to explain when we refuse. We can refuse because we cannot imagine printing it, it doesn’t fit our humor, it is obscene or not technically good enough for example. But of course if you see the gallery, it speaks for itself. WE have a lot of diverse designs but they are mostly funny I would say. The community gives votes and comments about the design they would want to see printed on shirts.

I see you have an organics section? Is it important to you to be eco-friendly? Do the organics sell well?

Well yes we have but it is not a large one and we haven’t released a shirt on organic for quite a while. I can’t tell you if organics are selling well since it is not our main business to sell organic shirts. It is important to be eco friendly of course, but it is not only necessary and even if we have some organic shirts in the shop it isn’t our core business.

Where do you see your business in a year?

Well we see our business with some improvements with maybe new products. Maybe with new shirts for women and a worldwide development but I cannot tell you more at the moment.

What’s your favorite shirt design currently?

Just one? Seriously … oh man it’s so hard to pick just one up, there are so many I love! I love this one for example (It is sold out for men as it was a limited edition) :

And some of my other fave ones are out of stocks since they were only limited editions. But from our recent releases, I would say I kinda of love these two:

What are the top three selling designs?

I haven’t had a newly report but I can tell you these two are selling very good and especially the one with Darth.

What sells more men or women’s shirts?

Men shirts since we have stopped the Mademoiselle collection and since we have only classic cuts, our customers are much more men even if we have still lots of women shopping at laFraise! And since November 2011 we launched the kids department. laFraise becomes now a family affair!

Is the world going to end this year?

Nope it won’t and it can’t since I have still things to achieve!

Anything else you want to add?

Thanks for the opportunity to give me a word to say about laFraise. I want to thank also our great community and I wish to make it bigger and be a great entertainer.

Where can people find you?

Our website
Our blog

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