Kanye West is a Douche T shirt

by on January 14, 2010

Frankly, I’m a bit taken aback by this hard hitting commentary from the Nerdy Shirt site. I expect this thing from some of the more edgier, offensive shirt emporiums, but nerdy geeky stuff usually doesn’t get into the hard core cultural commentary like this. But, hey, it’s cool they’re mixing it up. After giggling about some archaic joke about some programming trick, they bust out a serious bitch slap on a top rapper. Pretty ballsy. Shows they got some range.

Let’s not forget Kanye’s mother passed not too long ago, so that’s harsh and you kind of want to give the man a break. But, his little drunken stunt at the MTV Music Awards was douchey for sure. I mean Taylor Swift blows hard, but still the idiots passing out the awards made their idiotic choice, and peeps should live with it. Not ruin the poor, untalented girls’ night.

Anyways, if you agree you need to get the Kanye West is a Douche Tshirt, because if you don’t you let the award acceptance terrorists win.

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