Juniors and Ladies The Princess Bride Hello, My Name Is Inigo Montoya T Shirt

by on August 6, 2011

Princess Bride lovers everywhere, REJOICE!  Buy this funny tee, and you’ll no longer need to mince words, just get on with the action (or just get it on…)!!  This shirt is yet another spoof of the classic “Hello, my name is…” name tag gag-line, but has a very good punchline, as many fans of the movie would agree.  I mean, what else comes to mind whenever you hear those four particular words of introduction, except a drunk, greasy-haired, noble-hearted Spaniard with his fencing sword drawn, awaiting the 6-fingered man to ultimately avenge the death of his father (and perhaps Eminem, a.k.a. Slim Shady)?

Apparently, those annoying 10-10-321 long distance providers got it right:  anything, if repeated 3 times or more within a time span of a few minutes, will pretty much get stuck in the head of any unfortunate soul within earshot.

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