Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hero Tshirt

by on April 23, 2010

You know Jimi totally wishes, in his grave, that he had a chance to play such an awesome game. Instead he was wasting his time touring the world, screwing hot hippies, and becoming a legend on a real fucking instrument…sucker. Look where all that got him…dead. Lying in a pool of his own drug induced vomit.

He could have totally numbed that shit out with some guitar hero video game action. Maybe mastered plunking the buttons on some wicked Buddy Holly tune or maybe a Chuck Berry riff.

Anyways, let’s not waste too much time looking back and instead boldly go forward into a time when you can wear an ironic Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hero Video Game Tshirt. Remember, Jimi wasn’t around to play this game, and he was a real guitar virtuoso so that’s why this is funny.

FYI – Hendrix’s best album = Band of Gypsys. Recognize!

Nerdy Shirts once played a guitar solo that made the heads on Mt. Rushmore melt.

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