Jetpack Hazard – Aaaaaaaahhh My Legs! Tshirt

by on May 6, 2010

You know I never really thought about the hazards of jet packing. I mean you’re blowing flames probably 6 inches from your back down toward your legs and feet. If you forget the fire-retardant asbestos jump suit, you very well may have a burning leg issue on your hands, which I imagine is very difficult to deal with 1200 feet in the air with your hands occupied with steering and accelerating with the jetpack handles.

Thank God Ralph Nader has been a very staunch advocate of jetpack safety, making the entire industry take a second to make sure safety is their first priority, not an after thought after profit, profit profit. Let’s just make sure this grotesque fire scene never happens again.

Wear the Jetpack Hazard—Aaaaaaaahhh My Legs! Tshirt and help the general populace keep the safety issue top of mind.

I saw Busted Tees kissing Santa Claus, who has considered jetpack transport, but decided against it.

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