Hoverboard Tournament T Shirt from Jet Cadet

by on April 15, 2012

This Hoverboard Tournament T shirt is just really cool looking. Don’t you agree? I like the small touches. The March 30, 2020 date. The knee pads and helmet, because safety is totally a concern in the future. And let’s not forget this shirt only goes to the Freestyle Champion, which is the most creative and organic. Definitely the most fun to watch. You never know what you’re gonna see, but for sure it’s going to be amazing.

You know what’s frickin’ crazy? It’s going to be 2020 in the blink of an eye. The older I get the faster the time flies. Amazing. Did you know, right now, today that it’s 2012? How is that even possible? Seems like just yesterday I was living in my mother’s basement eating Cheetos. Oh wait, that was yesterday, but you know what I mean.

I’m guessing this shirt was somewhat inspired by Back to the Future 2, but that may not be the case. And, I’m okay with it either way.

Jet Cadet only has two shirts in their catalog at the time of this posting, but they’re both futuristic in theme, and simple, clean and cool in design, which just how I like ’em.

Check this crew out before they blow up, and then you look like a johnny come lately. Be the trendsetter on your block.

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