Jesus Saves Piggy Bank Tshirt

by on August 8, 2008

Previously on Tshirt Groove Funny Tshirts of the Day blog, we discussed the athletic prowess of Jesus. Today, let’s discuss Jesus’ fiscal responsibility. Basically, as it says in Galatians, he was a 50-50 guy. Whatever money you make 50 percent goes into the piggy bank and 50 percent goes to sinful pleasures…I mean food, shelter, water, clothing – you know the necessities.

Oh, and another 10 percent goes to tithing. You do the math. Anyway, when you’re sitting on a tidy little nest egg in your sunset years, you’ll say to yourself (‘cuz no one else around you will be able to hear), Jesus is my financial guru and savior. Heed this truth and get Jesus Saves (with a piggy bank) tshirt.

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