Jesus Is My Homeboy T Shirt

by on April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! He has risen. He died a miserable, torturous, criminal’s death. Got shoved in a tomb. Rose up to heaven. Then came back down three days later. Wait, didn’t he do some business in the depths of hell as well, during that time. I mean you can get a lot done in three days. Anyway…have a chocolate bunny…I give you permission.

Don’t you love the contemporary Christian stuff, where Jesus is your bro, the worship time involves electric guitar and drums, and the sign out front says they want to “Love the Hell out of you.”

This Jesus Is My Homeboy T Shirt falls right in line with a of this feel good religion, and you should be happy that bastion of hard core Christianity, Nerdy Shirts, put this thing together for you.

And, if you need your Jesus fix every day of the week, mix it up with all of the funny Jesus t shirts available on the Internet.

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