Jesus Is a Shitty Scientist T-shirt

by on March 21, 2010

Jesus can’t deal with the math. He can’t deal with the rigor of hypothesis and scientific testing. He’s a story teller. He brings the entertainment and the drama. Don’t ask him to bust out a bunson burner and test tubes and the periodic table.

And, it’s true, it was way easier for religious zealots, bible thumpers, the word of God is infallible nut jobs to just say here’s how it works and this is how you will live in accordance. Once those pesky scientists started seeing things that didn’t jibe with the scriptures, such as maybe the Earth is a little older than the fantasy Bibilical math and burning bushes and snakes don’t talk, well Jesus was outed as less than capable in the laboratory.

You may have this secular view as well, thus you must own the Jesus Is a Shitty Scientist Tshirt.

That said, everything horrible is all still Eve’s (RE: Women) fault.

And you really should visit the Creation Museum for awe inspiring lunacy.

I’m pretty sure everybody that has ever worked with Headline Shirts is going straight to hell.

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