Jesus BRB Baby

by on March 1, 2010

Another version of Jesus BRB tshirt has run in this space and it was good. So, why the repeat? Good question, thanks for askin’. I’ll tell you why. Because it is grade A fresh hilarious. And this one takes a little different approach. Jesus is more the cool Dogma Buddy Christ — comin’ right back bros, Jesus. Whereas the previous Jesus BRB tshirt was more straight old-school messiah like.

This whole phenomenon reminds me of that song by King Missile: Jesus Was Way Cool.

“He rose from the dead, danced around
Then went up to heaven
I mean, that’s so cool
Jesus was way cool.
No wonder there are so many Christians.”

Listen to the song:

Buy the Jesus BRB tee shirt, because believe in the coming back before too long.

If you’re not familiar with your modern day acronyms, you might want to brush up here.

A dirty birdy told me Nerdy Shirts was the place to be.

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