I’ve Injured Myself Yawning Tshirt

by on June 12, 2010

At first you laugh at the patheticness of the dude. Yawning injury! But, once you look at the intensity and grandness of his yawn, you realize, man that guy is lucky not to injure himself every morning. Look at that wingspan. Look at the unhinging of the jaw. What is that a boa constrictor swallowing a wild pig. That is no joke. Takes practice. Takes perfect form every time. And, if you’ve just been woken by your radio alarm with Justin Bieber crooning in your ear, you may not be totally on your game. That can throw a man seriously off.

So, I’m going to give the man a pass. I really am, and, despite your knee-jerk reaction to what seems ludicrous, I ask you to do the same. And the best way to do that:

Pull out your wallet and support the effort of spreading the awareness of this type of injury. Buy the I’ve Injured Myself Yawning Tshirt.

Busted Tees never sleeps. 24/7 development on making you laugh at funny tshirts. Serious!

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