I’ve Come to Take American Jobs T Shirt

by on October 28, 2010

Not sure who this shirt is for. If your typical suburban white guy wears this thing, what does that mean. His ancestors came over on the Mayflower to take American jobs, or in other words massacring Indians. Or does a dark skinned person wear this to make people think. Like is this really an illegal immigrant from Mexico or is this a fourth generation college educated Mexican-American that has climbed to a senior management position in a Fortune 500 company. Hard to tell, which is why you have to take into account an individual before you make judgements on an individual.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m against profiling or broad stereotypes. I’m all for that type of stuff in comedy and airline security, but if it comes down to you and another person, you can’t assume.

So, I still haven’t figured who’s wearing this I’ve Come to Take American Jobs T Shirt. Maybe it’s you. If so, tell me why.

Tshirt Hell gets its hands dirty with very sensitive topics, but they don’t really take much of a stand. They start the conversation on your chest on get out of the way.

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