I’ve Almost Finished My Screenplay Tshirt

by on March 24, 2010

Of course you want this shirt. You want to show all the fly ladies in your English class that you are an artist. That you’re workin’ it. You have some drive. You have the ability to set a goal and move it toward completion. Almost finishing a screenplay is no joke. It takes some time, effort, and the ability to type, unless you’re going old school long hand, but I’m assuming you are not.

Here’s the deal with the shirt. If you’re wearing it, you’re confident in your art, meaning you know it’s good and you know once you finish, you’ll pitch it and it will be read, it will be loved, it will be bought, and it will be produced into a movie. And, you will be big cheese in the biz.

The ladies can smell this on you. If you have the brass balls it takes to wear I’ve Almost Finished My Screenplay Tee, it’s assumed you will make it.

And, it’s gotta be better than Whiteout. Right?

Yo…forget the hard work of writing. Just get yourself some Headline Shirts and one of those chairs that scrunch up into the nylon baggie, and go sit in the middle of the grass field at the park for the entire day.

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