SNL In a Van Down By the River T-Shirt

by on February 26, 2010

Obviously a classic Chris Farley SNL skit. Motivational speakers wreaks havoc on the furniture, his pants, and the psyche’s of the two young wayward youths. You really don’t want to live in a van down by the river simply because the bathroom situation is often a pain. It just isn’t convenient to always be in search of a toilet.

Think about it. You’re playing solitaire in the van and all of a sudden those canned beans you had an hour ago are having their way with your insides, and your insides are trying to expel them ASAP. You jump out the side door of your big black van, head behind the nearest bush and expunge. Not a very savory topic, but now your naked ass is in a pickle. No TP. So, you waddle back to the van grab a tortilla and do the job as best you can.

And, no, you can’t just plan on taking a dip in the river, because it’s too dark and even if it weren’t it’s too cold because the snow melt is making it really run. So, no, YOU DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN A VAN BY THE RIVER.

However, you do want wear a shirt that says In a Van Down By the River with Matt Foley’s picture because that’s just a celebration of the good times.

Now, watch the SNL sketch. You deserve it:

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