Impeach Wall Street T Shirt

by on September 18, 2010

This shirt speaks the truth. Obama is not the problem right now. Wall St. is. Of course, picking up Elizabeth Warren to clean some of that shit up is a pretty good move by the President and shows that he’s serious. He’s still crooked, but only three-fourths as everybody else up on that hill.

Anyway, Headline Shirts says it best on the page with the Impeach Wall Street T Shirt featuring the Wall Street bull statue:

“I’m no economist, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t invent mortgage-backed securities. Maybe the culprits are the six banks that played a game of craps with 60 percent of our GDP. Could be the ungrateful jackasses we bailed out for their own colossal mistakes, who then rewarded themselves with titanic bonuses.”

Amen to that, I say…Amen Headline Shirts.

Get the shirt and make a statement that is backed by truth, not tea bagging ignorance.

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