I’m a Vegetarian Except at Meal Time T shirt

by on October 25, 2010

Meal time is meat time according to this shirt. That’s a crazy cuckoo clock with a pig replacing the bird, fork and knife replacing the hands on the clock, chicken leg swinging like a pendulum, bacon as the shingles on the house, and, of course, a ham as the house itself, or maybe that’s a gelatinous heaping helping of SPAM the delicious canned meat.

Saying you’re a vegetarian can get you into the door of numerous places, though I’m not sure you really want to be there. On the surface, maybe sharing the couch with that hot yoga teacher, or chatting up the Whole Foods produce girl, or helping that chick at the recycling center seems like a good idea, because this woman can be cute, but how long will it be comfortable for you to hold up the charade. Yeah, you agree cows produce too much shit and methane gas, and factory food production is brutal, and fish have feelings, and chickens shouldn’t live shitting on each other, but your leg starts shaking and you salivate every time that steak starts sizzling on a grill.

This dual life is just not going to work. Admit you’re a meat eater. The first step is wearing this I’m a Vegetarian Except at Meal Time T Shirt.

This is a funny t shirt from Snorg Tees, but I do have to take exception to the use of the word meal. The feeling of that word in my mouth and upon my ears is icky.

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