If Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka T Shirt from Five Finger Tees

by on May 29, 2012

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Not a mixologist or even a casual drinker so I don’t know what drink these two ingredients make. Perhaps we’re talking about a Lemon Drop Martini. Whatever the case this If Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka T Shirt is imploring you to look on the bright side; make the most of a bad situation; buck up; stay positive. That’s a good message, and something you should remind yourself of often, which is why this design from Five Finger Tees is such a good idea for your wardrobe.

Basically, get this shirt and you take up your ability to handle adversity up by about 73%. That’s pretty good.

And then there’s this short movie. Apparently Absolut Vodka makes movies now. Why not?

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