The Trashmen I Was Not Aware That the Bird is the Word T Shirt

by on April 10, 2009

i-was-not-aware-that-the-bird-is-the-word-teeThis is a funny response to a very nonsensical song from the 60s. Do the kiddies these days even know what this song is? I suppose everybody has heard it. I don’t even know how radio works these days, since I never listen to it. Are there oldies stations? Do people under 21 sing “bapa oum mao mao, bapa oum mao mao?” Perhaps the song is in a commercial or some such thing, giving it continued relevance this day and age.  First, get yourself acquainted with The Trashmen’s classic song Surfin’ Bird from 1963.

Then, know that, yes, Bird is the Word and will be for now and ever more. Then, finally, make sure everybody in your circle of friends and acquaintances knows this truth by wearing I Was Not Aware That the Bird is the Word T shirt.

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